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Contrails and aviation-induced cirrus-clouds

Or are they Chemtrails? (01)

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Ian Goddard writes in his Contrail Analysis II
In my previous contrail analysis we observed proof that contrail persistence (non-evaporation) is a function of relative humidity. However, the fallacy that contrail persistence is abnormal persists and is the basis of claims that persistent contrails are actually poison being sprayed on civilians by military jets. Since the U.S. military has sprayed poisons on U.S. populations, claims to that effect deserve careful analysis. Such analysis reveals that contrail persistence is absolutely normal and is not evidence of spraying.

Contrails are a concern in climate studies as increased jet aircraft traffic may result in an increase in cloud cover. It has been estimated that in certain heavy air-traffic corridors, cloud cover has increased by as much as 20%. An increase in cloud amount changes the region's radiation balance. For example, solar energy reaching the surface may be reduced, resulting in surface cooling. They also reduce the terrestrial energy losses of the planet, resulting in a warming. Jet exhaust also plays a role in modifying the chemistry of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. NASA and the DOE are sponsoring a research program to study the impact contrails have on atmospheric chemistry, weather and climate. In this series of satellite images we will investigate the duration of contrails.

In antwoord op een briefschrijver over chemtrails, die ook onderstaande links naar chemtrail-sites toestuurde, heb ik geschreven: 
"Sorry, maar ik geloof niet in chemtrails. Contrails, vliegtuigstrepen en luchtvaartcirrus, het is allemaal al erg genoeg. Ik heb geen complot-theorie�n nodig om actie te voeren tegen de bewolking die door vliegverkeer wordt veroorzaakt. Ik geloof niet dat onze regering bewust bezig is haar burgers te vergiftigen. Je moet altijd rekening houden met de mogelijkheid dat je ongelijk hebt. Dat geldt ook voor jullie. Chemtrails zijn in mijn ogen een onbewezen complottheorie. Vliegtuigwolken �n hun oorzaak kan ik met eigen ogen zien. Hun gevolgen kan ik vermoeden op grond van mijn opleiding, kennis en ervaring. Daar moet en wil ik het mee doen. Niet met verdachtmakingen uit onbekende bron, op grond van onbekende gegevens en met onbekend doel. Ik kijk niet de andere kant op. Ik zie wat ik zie, niet meer en niet minder. 
Robert van Waning"

Check here for recent contrail pictures and a discussion about contrails and chemtrails:

Welcome to the chemtrails section of

If you are new to chemtrails, a brief introduction is in order. A professional working journalist for more than 30 years, I first reported on chemtrails for the Environment News Service in the winter of 1997. Since then, thousands of websites have appeared claiming various theories and agendas behind a phenomenon witnessed in the skies over 14 allied nations.[..]

Chemtrails are real.

After a five-year investigation into chemtrails - including interviews with air traffic controllers (thanks to reporter ST Brendt), scientists actually involved in this project (thanks to reporter Bob Fitrakis), NASA and NOAA atmospheric studies, and corroboration from independent scientific lab tests on rain and snow samples falling through chemtrails (thanks to my Espanola correspondent, and Dave Dickie in Edmonton), I can state emphatically that chemtrails are not contrails. So what exactly are chemtrails? And what evidence is offered by the award-winning reporter who first broke this story?


Signs in the Sky
"Near the day of the Great Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky." 
~~pre-Columbian Hopi prophecy

The inside military codeword for the pilots who man the planes that spray the chemtrails is
"Sky Spiders"

Many of the chemtrails have been found to contain polymers that act like spider webs.


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"Two Congressional investigations and recently declassified British defense documents detail 50 years of "open air" testing that used ships and spray-equipped aircraft to spread biological warfare simulants on hundreds of cities across the U.S., Canada and the U.K."
~~Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Chairman of the US Defense Armed Services Comittee

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This is a must-see that should be spread far and wide!  Choices are 84-220 Mbytes. MPEG version works well and takes much less time to download.  It's worth the wait, but you won't see things the same way after viewing it.

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"...Ionospheric warming (such as created by the HAARP transmitters) can't fail to effect the land mass below. Total result will force POLAR ICE-CAPS TO START MELTING," - a goal which U.S. and Soviet scientists have been jointly and secretly working towards since the late 1960's.
~~1/24/85 PBS Television show, "The Nature of Things"

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