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Startpage Contrails Jun 02, 2004 Startpage / Introduction
Contrails Activities 01 Apr 04, 2004 GLOBE: Count Contrails on Earth Day (April 24 2004) / 
Int. Meeting, Aix en Provence (Sept. 2004)
Nederlandse tekst 01 Startpagina / Nederlandse tekst / Inleiding (Ned. / Dutch )
Nederlandse tekst 02 Luchtvaartbewolking is niet 'onschuldig' (2) (Ned. / Dutch )
Nederlandse tekst 03 Luchtvaartbewolking is niet 'onschuldig'. (3) (Ned. / Dutch )
Nederlandse tekst 04 Sept 15, 2006 Wim Haenen: Toelichting en Commentaar. (Ned. / Dutch )
Definitions 01 Steve Ackermann / Contrail Education (Nasa)
Definitions 02 Contrails turn a blue sky into overcast conditions
Airpollution 01 Apr 18, 2005 Airpollution and Rainfall
AAC 01

European Conference on Aviation, Atmosphere and Climate (2003)

Eur.Workshop A2C3 European Workshop "Aviation, Aerosols, Contrails and Cirrus Clouds" (A2C3)
Links 01 Oct 15, 04 Hyperlinks to other websites on contrails (01)
Links 02 Hyperlinks to other websites on contrails (02)

Aviation 01

Aviation Impact /Ulrich Schumann / 

Aviation 02 9/11 study: Air traffic affects climate / Fuel use / water vapour /
Aviation 03 Aug. 8, 2005

Airplane exhaust altering Earth's climate? (Science News Online) 
Do airplanes contribute significantly to air pollution? (EarthTalk)

Aerosols Fijn stof 01 Aerosols / Cynthia Twohy /
Aerosols Fijn stof (02) July 31, 2005 Fijn stof is een sluipmoordenaar. …n een regenmaker.
Astronomy Holger Pedersen, a worried astronomer
Chemistry Stratosphere dehydration
Chemtrails 01 Some suggest that contrails result from a spraying operation..
Chemtrails 02 More (de)mystifications

Cirrus 01

Changes in cirrus cloudiness / Patrick Minnis / Andreas Chlond /

Climate 01

Climatic effects / Steve Ackerman
Climate 02 Olivier Boucher / 
Climate 03 Small amounts of water vapor and cirrus clouds at these heights strongly affect Earth's radiation budget. (Source: NCAR)
Climate 04 Air travel to knock UK CO2 emissions off target (
Climate 05

Effects of contrails and ship tracks on climate

Climate 06 Aug 24, 2004 Jet emissions of vapour gases may contribute to warming
New evidence for man-made global warming
Clouds 01 Apr 04, 2004 Clouds
Clouds 02 Aug 25th, 2004 Sedimentation of large particles in persistent contrails may cause seeding of lower level clouds
Clouds 03 Feb 13th, 2005 'Clouds could clear way to saving climate."  By bouncing more incoming sunlight back into space we could buy time to sort out global warming,  writes Kate Ravilious in The Guardian, Feb 10, 2005. 
Economy 01 Natuurrampen drijven premies polissen omhoog.
Global Dimming (01) Aug 24, 2004 Each year less light reaches the surface of the Earth.
Global Dimming (02) Jan 17th, 2005 BBC TWO's Horizon reveals the devastating affects of a phenomenon that scientists are calling 'global dimming'. (January 13th, 2005.) 
Health 01 Influence of Contrails on Health
Icemeteors Megacryometeors: Iceblocks falling from heaven
INDOEX (01) Aug. 25, 2004 Dealing with aerosols, clouds and tropospheric chemistry are the focus of the Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX).
IPCC (01) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
KNMI (01) KNMI (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute)
KNMI (02) KNMI (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute)
Media (01) Oct. 31, 2005 Vliegtuigsmog in de media (01) (Dutch)
Media (02) Oct. 31, 2005 Vliegtuigsmog in de media (02) (Dutch)
NASA (01) June 2, 2004 Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm The U.S. Climate
Ozone (01) Stratospheric ozone depletion exacerbated by aircraft emissions
Ozone (02) June 2, 2004 Verdubbeling van de troposferische ozonconcentratie (KNMI)
Pollution Pollution caused by aircraft emissions
Pictures (01) Pictures of Contrails, taken by Pieter Leeflang, Deborah Stark
Tourism Too many people fly too far too often
Remarks (01) Remarks and personal opinions, with pictures.
"Literally not one little cloud in the sky.." (Harry Geurts, KNMI)
Remarks (02) Remarks and personal opinions, with pictures
Soot (01) Aug. 25, 2004 Investigating the Role of Soot in Cirrus Cloud Formation.
Temperature (01) Relation contrails and temperature
Temperature (02) Contrail ice crystals have a 'greenhouse' effect
Tropopause (01) Tropopauzegebied speelt sleutelrol in transport van vervuiling (en waterdamp) naar de stratosfeer. Daar is ook al het luchtverkeer..
Stratosphere 01 Stratospheric dehydration by thin cirrus clouds
Various (01) Various (still to be edited)
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