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Contrails and aviation-induced cirrus-clouds


Those Mysterious Lines In The Sky
By Jay Reynolds <>

Dear Readers,

The article below describes the results from my investigation into the current controversy over allegations that contrails contain substances harmful to humans and the environment. My investigation began two years ago and is continuing. It is the distillation of many hours of research and is based on facts and logical analysis from many sources, fully documented and sourced.

I have made this effort in order to discover the truth, which I define as the real state of things that agrees with fact and reality. I understand that I will be attacked for my findings by those whose paradigms are based on beliefs rather than facts. Such is the fate of those who reveal truth which conflicts with other's beliefs. Reality is often obscured when emotion, rather than facts, are the basis for people's beliefs. I am willing to accept that many people will never believe what I conclude to be the truth. I do not expect anyone to trust my conclusions, but do expect all who value the truth to carefully examine what I have to present. I stand willing to alter my conclusions should new evidence become available.

Jay Reynolds March 21, 1999

Contrail formation mechanisms are ordinary and contrails themselves are increasing in number as a result of increased air traffic. Reports of persistent contrails are within what is known to be naturally possible. Contrail studies are underway which will increase our knowledge of their causes, frequency, and effects. High altitude contrails are not consistent with effective dispersal of chemical or biological agents. No known toxic or harmful components have been proven to be in JP-8+100 fuel. Ethylene dibromide is not a viable chemical warfare agent when delivered through jet engine combustion. No medical reports, material analysis, or documentable and confirmable evidence has been presented which supports the hypothesis that chemical or biological agents are currently being delivered or can be associated with jet contrails. There is a threat to Americans from germ and chemical warfare, and vigilance should be maintained. Speculation and rumor without factual and specific information can only dull that vigilance. Those with factual information have a moral obligation to publicize those facts, but those who "cry wolf" are not acting in the best interest of this nation.


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The author, Jay Reynolds, is an engineer who has extensive experience in marine propulsion and gas turbine engines. He is an independent journalist unaffiliated with any government or corporate organization.

Evolution Of The Controversy, by Jay Reynolds 

The following is a draft version of a work in progress which will attempt to describe the results of my investigation into the origin and development of the contrail/chemtrail controversy. Over the past three years I have followed these events and will relate in as much detail as possible what I have discovered.

Inevitably, some information being unavailable to me, parts of the puzzle will be left out. Many will be surprised, especially those who only know the past year's events, at how far, how wide, and how long this has gone from it's origins. [...]

Contrail Controversy

Based on the evidence that my colleagues and I have accumulated, I conclude that this flu-like illness IS most likely associated with chemical and biological co-factors. Chemicals, perhaps falling from contrails or other sources, may be compromising immunity that facilitates infections by fungi and likely mycoplasma as well. We do hold scientific and government documents relating to "Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome with or Without Systemic Disease Associated with Infections Due to Mycoplasma fermentans" (Lo, Wear, et al., Clin. Inf. Dis. 1993;17(Suppl 1)5259-63.) and U.S. Patent number 5,242,820 (Sept. 7, 1993) by Lo of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for the assignee, the American Registry of Pathology, Washington, DC. These documents describe myriad symptoms and clinical observations very close, if not identical to, those presenting in this epidemic.[..]

If we all put our heads together, maybe we will finally discover the truth underlying the hype.

Best wishes,
Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
Tetrahedron, LLC


BEGINNING ON March 27, 2002, a number of individuals, in Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties (California), began to keep a chronological log of jets leaving lingering contrails, unusual types of weather patterns, tree health, mold and mildew problems, human health problems and newspaper articles on usual events. It is believed that jets leaving lingering contrails, and jet fuel emissions, may be causing detrimental impacts to human health and the environment.[..]

March 27, 2002

INTRODUCTION: My name is Rosalind Peterson and I reside in Mendocino County, which is located in Northern California. I have lived here almost my entire life. My sense of the world around me prior to March 27, 2002, was that, in the last couple of years our sky was overcast a lot more than normal. I remember not liking the jets that came over because it always turned our blue skies into a haze. It was a vague impression only rarely considered.



Contrails are Bad News