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Contrails and Aviation-induced Cirrus Clouds

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'De zon schijnt volop'. 'De zon schijnt flink'. 'Er is misschien wel wat sluierbewolking, maar daar heeft de zon weinig last van.' In de morgen is er sluierbewolking, maar die verdwijnt snel.' (KNMI, MeteoConsult, HWS, Paulusma, blablabla, etcetera)

De dames en heren weerkundigen beschouwen luchtvaartcirrus kennelijk (nog) niet als een ernstige vorm van vervuiling van onze levenssfeer. Vervuiling 'verdwijnt' niet, maar is alleen soms even onzichtbaar.

Meteoroligists try hard to hide the real causes of aviation cirrus. As most other forms of pollution it does not disappear, but only becomes invisible now and then.

From Dortmund I received the following message on October 20th:
Hallo Robert, the official forecasts for today speak about "clouds, similar to high altitude mist. That these clouds are no mist every layman can see! Actual temperature here in Dortmund under a completely overcast and  weird sky: an amazing 22�C!"

If any of you, visitors, have any comments on or examples of the ways meteorologistst try to ignore aviation-cirrus c.q. aircraft-smog, please send them to me: 

'De zon schijnt volop' (NOS, Radio 1, October 16, 2001, 12.00 uur)

According to the weatherreport on Dutch public Radio 1, there is a full sunshine. 
It may not be deliberate lying, but it isn't true either, as you can see (under):

cc-20011016-161050.jpg (20966 bytes) cc-20011017-083114.jpg (24423 bytes)

"De zon schijnt flink. Er is alleen misschien wat sluierbewolking" 
'There is a full sunshine, with maybe some veil-clouds (cirrus).'
(NOS, Radio 1, October 17th, 13.30 uur)

Vooral vanmiddag zijn er daarom weer opklaringen, afgewisseld met typisch Hollandse stapelwolken,' schrijft weerman Klaas Dros van MeteoConsult in de Volkskrant van 
6 september 2001. 
'The sky will clear in the afternoon, with occasionally typically Dutch cumulus clouds.')

Look for yourself. Did you know that cumulus nowadays looks like this? (under):

cc-20010906-03.jpg (18884 bytes) cc-20010906-06.jpg (25162 bytes)

Contrails are Bad News